The Rowdy Bunch

  • The Rowdy Bunch

The Rowdy Bunch


This customized subscription is for the doers, dreamers and the status-quo shakers. People like you recognize the power of your ideas and put’em to work. You see the value of time and pledge to never waste a moment. When you’re hungry and on-the-move, make sure you’ve got good-for-you snacks to nosh on between meals so you can keep moving, keep doing and keep being rowdy.

The Committed Rowdy Rouser you are, you know you need more fuel than the rest. Here you can customize your needs, order whatever the heck you want, and have it delivered to your door, on your schedule, so you can take on the world.

Subscribe to 2 or more boxes and receive a discount! Choose the number of trays/boxes you would like in your monthly subscription and save. Once you select the number of trays you would like to subscribe to, you will select your flavor choices on the next screen and proceed to checkout.

Note – You will select which flavors you want to receive on the next screen.

yacon root

Yacon Root

Get Rowdy Powers with Superfoods!



Healthy Gut = Healthy Living!



Adventure Never Tasted So Good!