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Rowdy Premium Products

Rowdy Prebiotic Bars and Collagen Protein Powders are for little leaguers and ultrarunners, active students and busy moms. They fuel the positive go-getter in you by promoting good gut health and delivering essential protein and prebiotic fiber. All our products are gut-healthy, low-glycemic, paleo, gluten-free and made with organic ingredients.

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Rowdy Testimonials


Aug 2, 2022

How Cardio Improves Gut Health

Do you ever feel like your gut is just out of whack? You're not alone! Gut health is a huge issue for many people, an...

Jul 21, 2022

Wait, Prebiotics?

If you’ve stopped at the store or while scrolling through the gram’ and wondered “wait, prebiotics? What else do I ne...
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