Did you know that the human body contains trillions of microorganisms? In fact, your digestive system is basically a micro-planet made up of a complex community of gut bacteria. We usually think of bacteria as something that causes illness and disease. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad.


Probiotics are live “good guy bacteria” and yeasts that occur naturally in your digestive system and are the key to fighting off bad bacteria. Different types of probiotics also help move food through your gut, produce vitamins and fatty acids, boost immunity and protect against carcinogens. Bad bacteria cause malfunctions in your body such as illness and infection. Good guy bacteria (Probiotics) are essential to fighting off bad bacteria in order to maintain balance in your gut and keep you healthy. In fact, an unbalanced gut has been linked to several concerns from obesity and asthma to depression and chronic fatigue. When your gut is out of balance it can affect everything about you. A healthy digestive system is the key to better overall health and just plain feeling good.


What’s with all this talk about PRObiotics? I thought you were all about PREbiotics!
OK, you’re right. See, PRObiotics are all the rage, and for good reason, they help fight the good fight in keeping a healthy gut. But the truth is…they don’t fight gut crime alone. PRObiotics rely on PREbiotics for fuel and are simply ineffective without them. Click below to learn what the big deal is about PREbiotics.