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Fuel Your Rowdy Side with Clean, Sustainable Energy

Rowdy Prebiotic Bars are the go-to energy bars for little leaguers and ultrarunners, active students and busy moms. They fuel the positive go-getter in you by promoting good gut health and delivering essential protein and prebiotic fiber. All of our bars are gut-healthy, low-glycemic, paleo, gluten-free and made with organic ingredients.


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We’re Proud to Fuel Your Rowdiest Dreams

Travis Wood, student and triathlete

"As a triathlete and college student, I am always looking for a quick snack to take on the go while being careful about the fuel I take in. For me, Rowdy Bars have been a healthy addition to my day to day lifestyle. I love throwing these bars in my backpack before leaving for class and for refueling before my next big workout."

Patricia Terranova

"Yay! I have finally found a convenient food that is delicious and has a great macro balance without any negative ingredients! This combination is seriously so hard to find and I have tried so many things out there… the search is over."