Yacon You Believe It? Top 10 Yacon Root Benefits To Smile About

Yacon You Believe It? Top 10 Yacon Root Benefits To Smile About

If you’ve read our ingredients labels, you know we’re HUGE fans of the yacon root. There’s so much to love! It’s naturally sweet, naturally packed with good-for-your-gut prebiotics, and it has tons of health benefits. Take a look at the top 10 heroic deeds of this superfood!

YACON BENEFIT #1 All the SWEETNESS without the guilt

When extracted and used in syrup form, yacon root is a low GI alternative sweetener that can replace sugar in virtually anything (that includes all Rowdy Prebiotic Foods)!

YACON BENEFIT #2 Boosts your Immunity

Yacon root helps improve your body’s resistance to infections and allergy stimulators as it cleanses your digestive system.

YACON BENEFIT #3 Lowers Blood Pressure

The yacon root contains potassium, which is known to relax the blood vessels and keep your heart pumping at a healthy rate. When there is healthy blood flow, you may also prevent heart attack and stroke.

YACON BENEFIT #4 Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

If you have Type II Diabetes, the yacon root could be your tasty line of defense. The yacon root is low GI, meaning it prevents the body from absorbing simple sugars, therefore keeping your blood sugar levels lower without compromising taste.

YACON BENEFIT #5 Improves Digestion

Because the yacon root is a prebiotic food, it helps keep good bacteria flourishing in the gut. This helps your body absorb nutrients more effectively. The yacon root also helps prevent gastrointestinal stress like bloating and constipation as well as more severe issues like ulcers.

YACON BENEFIT #6 Antifungal Properties

The leaves of the yacon root have antifungal properties, which can be help treat fungal infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot.

YACON BENEFIT #7 Boost Liver Health

Some studies have shown eating yacon root can boost overall liver health. The liver’s job is to filter blood from the digestive tract and to detoxify chemicals from the body. Since the yacon root helps regulate glucose levels, the liver doesn’t have to work as hard. Some studies have shown that yacon root, when taken with milk thistle, could even help prevent fatty liver.

YACON BENEFIT #8 Supports Weight Loss

The yacon root is unlike other root vegetables because it does not contain loads of starch. Because it is low GI, low in calories and high in fiber, the yacon root can help aid in weight loss goals by keeping you full longer.

YACON BENEFIT #9 Keeps “Bad” Cholesterol Down

The yacon root may also be responsible for preventing build up of LDL or “bad” cholesterol in the arteries. Prevention of this build up can also prevent heart attack, stroke, and heart disease.

YACON BENEFIT #10 Could Prevent Cancer

Yacon root may have anti-cancer properties that prevent cancer cells from mutating or growing. Yacon root may prevent colon cancer, skin cancer and blood cancer.

Hungry for more? Check out the science behind Yacon Root health benefits.

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